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Pool House Final Salary Advice

provide Independent Financial Advice, and as a Chartered Practice adhere to the highest level of ethics to ensure that the advice given is clear and in the clients best interest

We are authorised Pension Transfer Specialists as defined under the FCA regulations, which means that you will receive a higher level of technical and regulated advice. We are based in a Grade 2 listed Georgian building in the heart of Lichfield.

Pool House Final Salary Advice focuses on individual personalised advice, driven by the understanding that a pension transfer is an irreversible decision so you must give due consideration to the options before proceeding. If you proceed you can feel confident that the advice given is not just in line with your current needs but also taking account of the future.

Transferring your pension could be the largest investment decision that you make, and we at Pool House Final Salary Advice are here to assist you to ensure that you make the right decision for you and your family.

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